Culturally Based Training

Turning Point’s Culturally Based Training can help your organization move its cultural competency to the next level. Turning Point provides diversity and inclusion training for businesses, non-profits and government organizations. Our training is based on the unique needs, experiences and histories of the diverse cultures in the United States. Our programs and training will help your organization keep pace with diverse and changing populations and the people you serve.


Training for Professionals


We offer standard and custom training packages. Our most commonly requested classes include:

  • Navigating cross-cultural interactions
  • Avoiding unintentional racism
  • Cultural nuances of African Americans and other people of color
  • Understanding the populations you serve and creating programs to meet specific needs
  • Viewing your own culture in the context of other cultures: understanding American culture
  • Attitudes and activities to avoid unintentional discrimination
  • Consequences of fear in cross-cultural interactions

We’ll work with you to select one or more of our classes to help address the unique cultural needs of your stakeholders. We do our best to create an atmosphere that facilitates learning, development and fun. In this safe space, participants share openly and participate to improve their understanding and appreciation of this work.

Audit and Assessment: Some organizations need a more intensive and holistic review of their overall diversity and inclusion efforts as well as recommendations for improvement. As a part of our Audit and Assessment work, we’ll review your organization’s practices and review policies to determine a plan to address your organization’s specific cultural and diversity and inclusion needs.