One Life Changed By Coming To Turning Point

One Life Changed By Coming To Turning Point

My name is Aidrus Mohamud. I want to thank Dr. Peter Hayden and the Turning Point Family for giving me the opportunity and a place to come to change my life.

I came to Turning Point because I was struggling with alcohol and drugs for so many years and they helped me to be alcohol and drug free today. I focused on myself while I was there and got my health care and started making appointments. I got my chipped tooth fixed, got some fillings and my teeth cleaned. I also got my driver’s license back.

I had three court cases pending before I came to Turning Point. I went to court for them when I was about a month into the program. The District Attorney didn’t like one of the cases, and they were trying to give me four years probation. I told them to set me up another court date, then I came back and talked to Mr. Woodrow Jefferson. He was nice to me and wrote me a letter of recommendation.

That letter saved me because of the wording and the thought that Mr. Woodrow put into the letter. When the District Attorney and the Judge read the letter, they were both impressed and dropped all three cases.

So I want to tell Woodrow thanks for being a great teacher and for his great support. I owe you…

This is the end of my letter in writing, but it goes on in my heart forever.