gregory r. Avatar
Ms kim weaver, she's a huge blessing to me and my recovery. We need more people like her to get us from point a to be
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gregory r.
zOmBiE Avatar
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Zedrick B. Avatar
Community center that's helping many people.
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Zedrick B.
Divine M. Avatar
This is a great place for change. we all have to at some point in our lives to make a right or wrong decision. I greatful for turning point and my job. Rewarding.. Thank you Dr peter Hayden. Dir. Greg Jones
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Divine M.
Jeannette W. Avatar
Love this place
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Jeannette W.
James H. Avatar
Thanks for helping me out with my alcohol addiction.
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James H.
Sylvia T. Avatar
Amazing! I had gone to community acupuncture before and never noticed an impact on my body, but working with Christy has been a totally different experience. I have always struggled with nasal congestion and since receiving treatment from Turning Point, I can consistently breathe out of my nose for the first time in my life. Not to mention, my other symptoms have improved as well. Definitely worth the money, and the people who I have referred here have also had a very successful experience.
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Sylvia T.